Around the Pub: The Red Salad Bar Truck

When you visit us down here at Brick Alley Pub you will be hard pressed to miss our big red salad bar truck, a 1938 Chevrolet whose bed serves as a storage cooler for all of the vegetables served at the Salad Buffet.

While driving though Winchendon, MA, Ralph saw a rusted out truck sitting on the side of the road with a “4 Sale” sign in the window. He immediately turned around, knocked on the door, and promptly struck a deal with owner’s father. While the owner had plans to turn the truck into a street rod, the truck at the time Ralph found it was a primer gray color and rusted out. However, when he opened the hood, Ralph was surprised to find an Offenhauser engine – the preferred choice of engines for Indy race cars of the 1960s. Sold!

Ralph had the car towed back home, fixed it up and installed this “Brick fixture” during a big Pub renovation.

Enjoy those salads!

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